George Shiras and Michael "Nick" Nichols

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George Shiras III is considered the grandfather of wildlife photography. His luminous images of deer leaping in darkness set a milestone in photographic history. Created circa 1898, these are the first successful night photographs ever made. They are also the first photographs of wildlife at night.  Photographic technology of the day was simply inadequate to capture images of active animals at night. So Shiras invented what he needed, building a flash mechanism that revolutionized photography thereafter. For Shiras, it allowed him to create brooding photos of the nighttime natural world.

If Shiras is the grandfather of wildlife photography, Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols is most certainly his creative descendent. Like Shiras, Nichols has a vision of wildlife he feels must be shared with the world. The lives of lions, the secret language of gorillas—these are the epic tales Nichols creates with his camera. His other storytelling tools? Infrared, remote photo traps, radio tracking, drones and other computerized mechanisms. Nichols, like Shiras, harnesses the most advanced technology of the day to photograph wildlife, and in so doing, has created timeless works of art.