Luis Marden and David Guttenfelder

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“Photographer as Explorer” is how both Luis Marden and David Guttenfelder have been described. Both men have traveled far more than most in their coverage of international affairs. Both immersed themselves deeply in their stories, filing photographs that convey the heartbeat of a community or region through essential details. Marden, who wrote and photographed for National Geographic for 64 years, captured the festival spirit of small town America in Lobsterettes. Guttenfelder, recognized worldwide as one of the finest working news journalist today, captures the confluence of modern and traditional life in Japan in Grocery store Geisha.

In their own quiet way, both Marden and Guttenfelder set off seismic changes in photography. Marden introduced Kodachrome and the 35mm camera to National Geographic in 1934, which drastically altered how and what people photographed. When Instagram launched in 2010, Guttenfelder embraced it. His camera of choice for this technology was his smartphone. Not afraid to try new tools and outlets, he has led the way in using social media to create powerful, provocative visual stories.