Joe Riis

Joe Riis is a photographer and National Geographic Photography Fellow known for his pioneering and award-winning photography of animal migrations in the western United States. Trained as a wildlife biologist, Joe collaborates directly with research scientists to communicate and inspire the public on critical wildlife issues. He has photographed wildlife science stories for National Geographic magazine, on topics ranging from Gobi bears to Tepui toads. In 2016, Joe and ecologist Arthur Middleton were named National Geographic Adventurers of the Year for their work on the elk migrations of the Greater Yellowstone. His photography book, Yellowstone Migrations, to be released in fall 2017, illustrates Joe’s decade-long project on the animal migrations of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. “I want people to think about the animals’ needs,” Joe says. “They need the freedom to move as seasons change and as the climate changes.”

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